Here's why you need to migrate your Oracle Responsys instance to version 6, right away

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Jun-21, 2016

Upgrading a critical marketing system is no easy feat and the decision to do so requires deep thought, consideration and planning. In this guide, our aim is to present what sets Oracle Responsys version 6 apart from version 5. While the ultimate decision to upgrade or not depends on the wants, needs and other operational intricacies, our hope is that this guide would help make that decision just that bit more transparent.

What's New in version 6

The Interact Oracle Responsys for Pod 2 and Pod 5 that are together known as version 6 have several advantageous features compared to the Interact Oracle Responsys for Pod 3 and Pod 4 which are together known as version 5.

1. Orchestration of Programs (Cross Channel Platform)

Program is a major feature in version 6 which empowers Oracle Responsys users to create a set of instructions for orchestrating multi-stage marketing activities based on individual behavior. The Program Designer is used to graphically lay out multifaceted and multi-phased marketing programs with no manual intervention as once the program begins the audience is passed to each and every stage and exists automatically in the program.

2. Easy Access to Images on Oracle Responsys Interact.

In version 6, the images used in the HTML content of a Campaign or Form can be viewed and easily uploaded into Oracle Responsys from any location within a device. This is contrary to version 5 which only granted access to view HTML documents and not images through the front end.

3. Efficient and scalable model of data.

Different types of tables can be created in Oracle Responsys Interact Version 6 each with its own purpose. The Profile table can contain only details pertaining to the Contacts, the Profile Extension table can contain additional attributes that define behavioral, demographic and profile preference characteristics of the Contacts and the Supplemental table can contain additional data of the contacts such as order history, point of sale data, transactional information etc.

This is an upgrade from Oracle Responsys Interact Version 5 which contains only an internal Data Table that served as a single repository of all kinds of data as per specific client requirements.

4. Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking is a new feature of Oracle Responsys version 6 which enables more credible data driven marketing decisions.

5. Push IO and SMS services.

Interact Program allows you to send text messages using SMS (Short Message Service). Program allows building cross-channel programs that tie together a series of sequenced SMS messages or a sequence of email and SMS messages, targeted to specific recipients. The PUSH Message Designer can be used to create and edit messages and set up campaign options. Program also allows building PUSH campaigns and sending it to audiences.

6. Insight Report

The Insight Report Library comprises Data Visualizations, a number of standard reports, and more than 50 measures for planning, performance tracking, and analysis.

7. Folder Refresh

Folder refresh is a small but significantly useful feature introduced in version 6. This feature enables the Oracle Responsys users to refresh a folder without needing to refresh the entire webpage for viewing the contents of the folder- A highly useful feature which is currently unavailable in Oracle Responsys Interact version 5.

8. Filter Designer

Filters provide a way to target audiences based on a wide range of criteria such as profile, activity, interaction, and other attributes. This allows you to keep all your customer records in a single, efficient list and select customers from that list as needed for each campaign, based on filter rules. Filters can also be designed to let the marketers target their campaigns at specific segments of the audiences to which they have access -- all from the same master list.

To learn more about how you can seamlessly upgrade your Oracle Responsys instances and leverage the most up to date features, get in touch.

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