What's new in Oracle Responsys Version 6.28!

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May-12, 2016

The latest version of the marketing platform, Responsys, was rolled out last month across Interact2 and Interact5 accounts. Among other enhancements and minor bug fixes, this update is special because of one particularly powerful feature; the ability to migrate your segmented audience to the Data Management Platform - Bluekai. Each contact in your exported audience will be categorized and added to a BlueKai audience list which can be used in all your BlueKai campaigns.

A feature is only as powerful as its use dictates and simplifying the role of a Data Management Platform (DMP) such as BlueKai as merely analytics glossed over a cookie based solution only serves to remind the limitations of the user rather than the tool. For any marketer, a DMP can be overwhelming to integrate with their current marketing repertoire. Organizing, analyzing and sequencing the data accrued over many years through first and third party channels requires tremendous analytical fire power and superior warehousing capacity.

This is where an ecosystem comes in handy. Oracle's clever strategy to unify their new toys - BlueKai, Responsys and Eloqua among others, gives an incredible suite of niche and far reaching products all under the same umbrella. Their DMP offers extensive 3rd party data, accommodates first party data and recommends what to do with that data. Not a lot of SMBs can afford to build such a solution and even some large businesses could not possibly recreate this without spending heftily on data centers and diligent tracking mechanisms. Such number crunching capabilities without the hassles of pesky integration are available right out of the box for Responsys customers, thanks to the unification of various facets of Digital Marketing under the Oracle Marketing Suite.

Audience Designer, another new feature of the Responsys platform, opens up full GUI access and enhanced audience segmentation to the user. Updating preferences, demographics and accessing behavioral data is now more approachable to the end user. The move away from programmatic script oriented operation to a more user-friendly approach with the drag and drop functionality, allowing for graphical visual construct, makes the segmentation much less prone to imprecise targeting and a whole lot safer. Automation is at the core of this integration as well. What is ensured is that the Marketer does not have to maintain multiple copies of the same list. Exporting audience to BlueKai makes it a much more implicit process to analyze your first party data without having to entrust your precious data with third parties. Exporting your audience list to the DMP indeed requires a BlueKai account and the Audience designer feature enabled in your Responsys account. Once enabled, you can walk through the release notes to know how exactly it works.

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